Technology research
Large-scale AIO applications

Scope of application: office automation equipment, advertising machine, bank terminal equipment, queuing machine, order machine, song machine, industrial equipment

Standard screen sizes: 12.1', 13.3', 14.0', 15.0', 15.6', 17.0', 18.5', 19.0', 21.5', 23.0';

The maximum size can reach 84.0';

Operating system: Windows, Linux, Mic O/S;

Touch screen thickness: 2.0mm, 2.7mm;

AIO touch screen takes standardized size as the main body. Considering the market demand, G+G stack with high cost and full scratch-proof glass material (Mohs hardness 7H) is not easy to be scratched and worn by sharp objects, and is not affected by common pollution sources, such as water, fire, radiation, static electricity, dust or oil pollution. Cover glass is mainly 1.8mm and 1.1mm, which guarantees the product's high strength endurance. All electrical connections are in the form of TP + PCB to provide standardized products.



Cutomizable performance:

Support various thickness glove operation;

It can prevent hand sweat and pass the standard salt water test.

Single host dual touch function;

Beep voice feedback function after POS input;

Support 10mm glass penetration operation.