Technology research
G/MM structure

A capacitive touch screen solution with one-layer glass and two-layer metal-mesh film functional chip structure has good strength of the cover glass, and the functional film with membrane shape is not easy to be damaged even if it receives strong impact. Metal-mesh is superior to conventional ITO films in electrical experience due to its low impedance characteristics, which makes it one of the main materials in large-scale applications. At the same time, G/MM is the most suitable structure for active pen design.

It is widely used in tablet computers, deformable notebooks, educational tablets, all-in-one computers, with active pens and other fields.


jg5.jpgMain performance

Glass thickness:0.55mm、0.7mm、1.1mm、1.8mm;

Glass Types: Al Si, soda-lime;

Double metal-mesh film thickness:0.2mm、0.25mm、0.3mm、0.35mm、0.4mm;

Drop ball test:64g*60cm、110g*40cm;

Communication Interface:I2C、HID I2C、USB;