Technology research
OGS structure

The capacitive touch screen solution with single-layer glass structure directly forms capacitive sensor function on the protective glass. Its light and thin characteristics have great advantages.

It is widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, deformable notebooks, educational tablets and integrated phones.


1476257438592775.jpgMain performance

Glass thickness:0.55mm、0.7mm、1.1mm;

Glass Types: Al Si, soda-lime;

Drop ball test:64g*60cm、130g*30cm;

Communication Interface:I2C、HID I2C、USB;



 Material thickness

 Common Materials Brand



 Asahi、sudaline、 Dragontrail、Corning


 Yellow Light Technology and Printing Technology (less)


 Metal Bridge, Single Layer, Multi-Point, Self-Capacitance (Triangle)




 High cost and low yield


 High-end market