Gao Junkui, Director of R&D Department, was named Release Time:2018-07-11 10:09:46 Views:3807

Good news

On June 14, 2018,Gao Junkui, Director of R&D Department of our company, was named "Excellent Science and Technology Worker" in the first "Science and Technology Worker" evaluation of Huinan Hi-tech Industrial Park, and won the honorary certificate issued by the Management Committee of Huinan Hi-tech Industrial Park of Zhongkai Hi-tech Zone.

(Front row, right third)

In order to commend Director Gao Junkui's contribution to the company's R&D work, the company awarded him 3000 yuan for encouragement.

We hope this will make the product research and development of our company scale new heights and get more achievements and honors!

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